The name of this site is an allusion to a famous quote about the Romney Marsh taken from the The Ingoldsby Legends reputedly written by Thomas Ingoldsby, but that was a pen name for a clergyman called Richard Barham.

The world, according to the best geographers, is divided into Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Romney Marsh.Thomas Ingoldsby

It sums up, in a single sentence, just how different the Marsh was to the rest of the country for most of its long and interesting history. Being an actual marsh and then almost cataclysmically not has left the Romney Marshes with a beautiful but stark landscape, populated with often unique flora and fauna. Along with the wonderful beaches, this makes Romney Marsh a popular summer holiday spot.

Visit often for photos of this wonderful place and to read about some of its history from the long association with the military to the smugglers that found the shifting paths of the Marsh a perfect place to ply their secretive trade.